SLACKK – A LITTLE LIGHT | Album Download

SLACKK – A LITTLE LIGHT | Album Download

Slackk’s taken a wild route from grime mixtape archivist to R&S Records signee. It’s a discography that made his influences easily acknowledged—grime dons like Wiley and D Double E on his two-year stint on the Local Action label, or Chicago ghettotech and footwork via his releases under the alias of Patrice & Friends—but makes his next move unpredictable. Anyone willing to work out those influences alongside nods to house and ambient is willing to go anywhere, but getting it all properly focused is harder than letting that eclecticism take you wherever you feel like going.

Like last year’s Aviary EP, A Little Light takes the promise of his 2015 R&S debut EP Backwards Light and simmers down the tension to hint at more meditative things lurking below. But while Aviary was packed with a joyful bombast with earlier nu-grime and ramped up the mood to something giddy without making it feel empty, there’s not much on A Little Light that fits in either mode. The scattered chord progressions and nerve-jostling drum patterns that laced Aviary with all that promise are diluted enough that Slackk’s musical ideas feel in transition. The moments of crushing bass stand out just as often as the moments where more delicate ambience takes over, but they hardly work together.

Name: Slackk – A Little Light
Genre: Electronic
Year: 2017
Format: Mp3 320 Kbps
Size: 108 Mb
Description: Studio Album!
01. Spring Mist
02. Paper Santos
03. Maze
04. Ripe Corn
05. Sefton Park West
06. Desert Eagle
07. So Far, The Sea
08. Picture
09. Deluxe Night Edition
10. Old Petchy Shows
11. Reasons
12. End
13. Zip Me Up
14. And The Sun

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