ICYTWAT – MILK | Album Download

ICYTWAT – MILK  | Album Download

His name may conjure up images of something unwelcoming, but his music does the opposite. ICYTWAT, the producer behind Divine Council, just dropped his solo project MilkThe eleven track album features an increase in raps, finding the producer stepping out of his comfort zone and heading behind the mic.

In an email to Complex, ICYTWAT explains his disdain for rapping, stating “”I’m not a rapper. I actually hate rapping but I think performing is cool and fun as fuck and I wanna watch people sing my songs and shit.” He goes on to detail how the entire project was built around his journal entries, which he started while on tour. .

2.”Don Juan” (Feat. $ilk Money)
3.”Z4 Music”
4.”Pastel Talk” (Feat. Indigochildrick & $ilk Money)
5. “Flodgin”
6. “Shame” (Interlude)
7. “Clouds” (Feat. Kyeoshin)
8. “Lil Shorty 3″
9. “Fuck” (Bedroom Version) (Feat. Kyeoshin)


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